Mandel School appoints interim co-assistant deans of diversity and inclusion

Dawn Ellis and Kimberly McFarlin have been appointed interim co-assistant deans of diversity and inclusion at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, effective immediately.

Adrianne Fletcher, permanent assistant dean of diversity and inclusion, was appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court as inaugural director of diversity, equity and inclusion this past spring and will be on a leave of absence.

Ellis serves as the grants and department administrator for the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education. She also is chair of Case Western Reserve University’s Staff Advisory Council and a member of the Diversity Leadership Council. Ellis was a member of the Mandel School’s Ad-Hoc Group for Diversity and Inclusion and the Addressing Gender Bias Together Group, and has received training in Diversity 360 and Sustained Dialogue facilitation.

McFarlin serves as assistant dean of student services and career planning. She has collaborated closely with numerous university partners, such as the Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity (OIDEO), the Office of Equity, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, International Student Services and the Office of Disability Resources, to provide supportive programming for Mandel School students. She also is a member of the International Student Services Advisory Council and the faculty advisor for the LINK student group, which has partnered with the Mandel Council and the Black Student Association to host cross-cultural programs for CWRU. McFarlin has presented on the valuable impact of internationally diverse and inclusive communities in Cleveland, as well as completed certificates and training in sustained dialogue, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, and women in leadership.

Ellis and McFarlin role will primarily focus on student and staff concerns—faculty concerns can be directed to OIDEO.