Make-up training to be offered for undergraduate teaching assistants who missed September session

Undergraduate teaching assistant make-up training will be offered Oct. 8, 11 and 15 for all who were unable to attend the training seminar in September.

Training is mandatory for those new to the position and those returning who did not complete training in a previous year.

The Office of the Provost requires training for all undergraduate teaching assistants who will have direct or indirect interaction with students (e.g., recitations leaders, lab instructors/assistants, graders, etc).

The only undergraduate teaching assistants who are exempt from this training are those who completed training in previous years, or who have neither direct nor indirect interaction with students (e.g., those who only set up equipment, and do not interact with students as a part of their work).

The University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education) and the Office of Undergraduate Studies collaborate to provide this training opportunity for students.

Students must complete a pre-training webinar and review three videos from the Sept. 9 session prior to meeting with the undergraduate teaching assistant training team for an in-person review session. Undergraduate teaching assistants are expected to bring all necessary materials with them to makeup training, as described in Canvas modules.

Individuals must register for make-up training in advance by completing an online form and selecting their preferred date and time. Once students have registered online, they will receive instructions to access a pre-training webinar and the video materials from the September training session.

Contact for assistance with questions.