The Institute for Transformative Molecular Medicine (ITMM) at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is conducting a research study on how to improve the ability of banked blood to deliver oxygen.

We are seeking healthy adults with no known blood, lung, or circulatory disorder.

Participants will be asked to donate 1 unit of blood (about a pint) and then receive their blood back 21 days (range 17 to 24 days) later while breathing an experimental drug and being monitored for changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen consumption.

There will be 4 study visits: 1) an initial health screen and physical exam; 2) blood donation; 3) a second health screen; and 4) blood transfusion and overnight monitoring

Female participants will be tested to determine pregnancy status.
Study procedures involve blood sampling, placement of catheters in veins and arteries to monitor lung and heart function and the placement of probes on the body to record oxygen delivery.

Financial compensation is provided.

For more information interested individuals should contact:
Dr. Arshna Qureshi at 216-801-7839.