Listen to the new Case of Wellness podcast for a discussion about stress and mental health

Stress is something that impacts all of us daily. Out of all the effects of stress, the overwhelming majority are rather negative. Because stress shows up through both our bodies and our behavior, it is essential to address the problems that arise from stress and to find ways to mitigate it on a personal and campuswide scale.

In this week’s Case of Wellness podcast, the CWRU Health and Wellness Council addressed various factors that can influence stress, such as COVID-19, our campus culture and midterms. During the podcast, speakers will point out the relationship between stress and burnout and offer ways to destress. Lastly, the podcast will feature personal experiences from students and discuss ways to alleviate stress in the CWRU student body.

The Stress Round Table episode is the very first in-house podcast episode, featuring Karthik Kartha, the director of public relations; Liz Ochoa, the community outreach coordinator; and Janvi Ramchandra, secretary.

Access the podcast episode.