Faculty: Learn how to use the resources at Sears think[box] with new workshop series

Have you ever wanted to learn about Sears think[box] and incorporate that knowledge into your teaching? If so, you can apply for a new workshop series. This initiative is offered by the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) and Sears think[box].

The five-week series of interactive workshops is designed to empower faculty to:

  • Navigate and use the technological and fabrication resources at Sears think[box] in order to spark creative confidence in your students;
  • Develop an understanding of the affordances of process-based and product-based learning; and
  • Participate in a dynamic experiential learning and reflective discussion environment with other faculty across the university to help reinvigorate curricula for your course work.

This short-term series will conclude around fall break, giving you a chance to integrate the concepts from this initiative into your fall curriculum or to begin planning ahead for the spring semester. UCITE and Sears think[box] aim for this to be a fun and effective way to engage faculty to incorporate Case Western Reserve University’s innovative resources into their classroom experience.

Get more details and find out how to apply at case.edu/ucite/initiatives-for-faculty/thinkbox/.

Those with questions can email ucite@case.edu with “think[box]” in the subject line.