Learn “The Strange History of Aristotle’s Masterpiece” in upcoming lecture

In the upcoming Anton and Rose Zverina lecture, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue: The Strange History of Aristotle’s Masterpiece,” Mary E. Fissel, professor in the Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, explores the history of one of the most important popular medical books in English.

First published in 1684, Aristotle’s Masterpiece was still for sale—largely unaltered—in the 1930s. Neither by Aristotle nor a masterpiece, the book offered advice to women about pregnancy and childbirth, spiced up with a racy poem and sensational images of monster babies.

Fissel’s lecture will be held Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Allen Memorial Medical Library.

RSVP by Nov. 7 to jennifer.nieves@case.edu (put RSVP in subject line) or by calling 368.3648.

Find more information on the Dittrick Medical History Center’s website.