Learn the science behind viruses’ evolution during ISO lecture Nov. 30

The next Institute for the Science of Origins (ISO) Noontime Lecture will be “Virus! Epidemic and Evolution,” held Nov. 30 at noon in Ford Auditorium. Eddie Holmes of Penn State University’s Department of Biology will lead the lecture.

Holmes is an evolutionary biologist who has worked with viruses for 20 years, focused on determining the fundamental mechanisms of viral evolution, studying the case-specific evolution of major viral infections of humans and animals with a particular focus on influenza and dengue, revealing the evolutionary genetics of viral emergence, and assisting in the development of bioinformatic methods for gene/genome sequence analysis. His current research sits at the interface of four disciplines—evolutionary biology, genomics, bioinformatics and infectious disease—and is designed to reveal the factors responsible for the successful cross-species transmission of viral pathogens into humans and other eukaryotic species.

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