Learn more about social work with spring 2021 courses

As you finalize your spring 2021 undergraduate course schedules, consider rounding out your curriculum with a class in social work. The perspectives gained through social work and nonprofit education will enhance your understanding of social justice, giving you an edge in the job market or in the next step of your educational path.

There has also never been a more relevant time for social work education, and learning to achieve peaceful and progressive change. The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences encourages all Case Western Reserve University undergraduate students to become #ChangeAgents. For more than 100 years, the Mandel School has educated leaders who inspire hope and shape the future. The undergraduate courses bring students the rich content of the graduate school, a top-10 nationally ranked school of social work and nonprofit management.

This spring, enroll in:

  • SASS 284: Oppression and Privilege in a Multicultural Society
  • SASS 315: Adoption Practice and Policy
  • SASS 318: Death, Grief and Loss
  • SASS 350: January session
    • Cannabis: Craze and Science
    • Examining Implicit Bias and Everyday Language as Drivers of Racism: From Awareness toward Racial Honesty
    • Rethinking Youth Justice
    • Social Data Analysis and Racism, Then and Now
    • Social Work Practice in the Foster Care System
  • SASS 368: Whatever it Takes: Creating Paths Out of Poverty for Children
  • SASS 355: Drugs and Youth
  • SASS 369: Social Networking & Community Organizing in the 21st Century
  • SASS 385: Social Welfare Capstone
  • SASS 390: Independent Study for Undergraduates

The Mandel School also offers combined graduate study to save you time and money, a social work minor so you can better understand the field, and study abroad courses, open to all CWRU students post-pandemic.

Enhance your understanding of the social forces at play in the United States and around the world by signing up for a social work course this spring.

View the full list of Spring 2021 courses offered for the social work minor program.