Learn more about the Ketogenic Diet

User’s Guide to a Functional Ketogenic Diet
Weds., November 7th | 4:00-5:00pm
Next Level Fitness Studio

Have you or someone you know tried the Keto Diet? Have you heard of it and wondered if you should “Go Keto”? It is the latest trend for weight loss, but is it actually beneficial or safe to try? Research supports that this diet can be effective for weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, clearer memory and focus, and increased exercise efficacy. However, if not done correctly it can result in undesirable or even dangerous symptoms.

Join our Functional Nutrition Dietitian as she outlines the healthiest, safest and most effective approach to the ketogenic diet. Ryanne will provide grocery shopping lists, recipes, tracking tools, supplement and fun food product recommendations to help you successfully enjoy the benefits of this nutrition plan.

Space is limited; reserve your spot! https://case.edu/onetoone/next-level-fitness-studio/workshopsevents