Learn how to help students become more confident presenters

This week’s UCITE session, held Oct. 27, will focus on “Helping Students Become More Confident Presenters.” Being able to give good presentations is an important skill. Apart from simply being a way to influence how other people view you, preparing a good presentation helps to sharpen one’s ideas, be more concise and pointed in one’s message, and improve one’s awareness of the power of language to persuade.

The importance of learning how to give good talks has taken on such importance that making presentations forms an integral part of the SAGES experience for students. However, this means that faculty teaching those seminars need guidance on how to help students become good presenters.

In order to help faculty do this, Sarah de Swart of UCITE will discuss some of the important issues such as body language, vocal delivery and overcoming stage fright, in addition to some techniques from the theater that can help students become more confident presenters.

The discussion will be held Oct. 27 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Herrick Room on the ground floor of the Allen Memorial Building.

Pizza lunch and sodas will be provided; RSVP to ucite @case.edu.