Learn about functional nutrition through Wellness Program series

Functional nutrition is a practice with a core philosophy centering on identifying and treating the root cause of disease through whole foods and mind-body modalities.

Faculty and staff are invited participate in the “A User’s Guide to Functional Nutrition” program to learn more.

Ryanne Lachman (previously Gallagher) will lead the program, which will enhance participants’ knowledge of gut health, nutrient deficiencies, prevention of cognitive decline, food sensitivities, meal planning and more as it relates to their lifestyle and health goals.

The program will meet Wednesdays from noon to 1 p.m. in Tinkham Veale University Center’s Senior Classroom.

Completion of the program will meet participation guidelines for the 2018 Nutrition Program Incentive for Wellness Program participants.

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The program will be composed of the following classes

Sept. 19: “Introduction to Functional Nutrition”

Learn about a leading-edge, evidenced-based, systems-biology approach to health care that focuses on identifying root causes to significantly improve health outcomes.

Sept. 26: “What in the World Do I Eat?”

Take a functional nutrition approach to stocking your grocery cart with foods that will love you back.

Oct. 10: “The Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Prescription”

Discover strategies for extinguishing the flame fueling many chronic diseases.

Oct. 17: “Your Microbiome and You”

Hippocrates believed “all diseases begin in the gut.” Discuss how your food choices and your environmental exposures can lead to good health or become the perfect storm for disease.

Oct. 24: “Functional Kitchen”

Implement meal-planning strategies and learn simple cooking techniques to make delicious, nutritious meals.

Oct. 31: “Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline”

Does diet play a role in the modern treatment plan for cognitive decline? Discuss research-based lifestyle interventions for preserving and restoring cognitive health.

Nov. 7: “Detoxification, More than a Trendy Term”

We’re exposed daily to chemicals, harmful food additives, antibiotics and more. Learn how to select pure products from food to cleaning supplies, and be sure your body’s detoxification systems are running on all cylinders.

Nov. 14: Functional Potluck

Put your new skills to work. Participants will share a meal composed of “functional foods” over one last lecture.