Aerial photo of the Case Western Reserve University campus, especially Case Quad and Adelbert Hall, in fall

Learn about the university’s policy review and approval process

Did you know Case Western Reserve University has a specific way to enact and amend its policies? This review and approval process is explained in the “Policy MAP.

Highlights from the Policy MAP include:

  • Policies are subject to a formal review and approval process that is intended to simplify, clarify, and streamline policy creation, management, and access.
  • Only the university president or Board of Trustees can approve a new policy.
  • Every policy requires at least one university leader who is identified as having primary responsibility for its enforcement.
  • All university-wide policies can be found in one simple location. The Compliance Office’s webpage lists all of the university-wide policies and provides easy links to take you to each policy.
  • The Policy MAP process does not cover policies regarding faculty appointments and tenure, faculty leaves of absence, faculty grievance procedures, and other policies relating only to faculty that typically are managed by the process set forth in the Faculty Handbook (in Faculty Handbook Chapter 3, Part One). For those policies, check the Faculty Handbook.

Policies support CWRU’s mission by establishing clear standards for individual conduct, supporting operational efficiency, promoting legal compliance, and mitigating risk.