Learn about how science is portrayed in movies

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 7
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Cedar Lee Theater

Hollywood is known as the dream factory—the place where the best and brightest creative minds produce films that entertain, inspire and yes—even educate. But what happens when movie magic is made at the expense of scientific fact? We’ll watch films that tackle science on the silver screen—from stoically serious blockbusters to outrageously campy cult classics—and hear from Museum experts as they put these movies under the microscope to determine what the filmmakers got right… and what is better classified as “creative license.” Join us on this sometimes shocking, often hilarious and always illuminating journey into Reel Science!

Reel Science takes place the first Wednesday of the month, from September through May, at a Cleveland Cinemas location.

Learn more at cmnh.org/reelscience.