Law’s Paul Giannelli publishes articles, in contract for four books

Paul C. Giannelli, the Albert J. Weatherhead III and Richard W. Weatherhead Professor and a Distinguished University Professor, recently published a number of articles, from “Forensic Science Reform” in the Texas Law Review to “Arson Evidence” in the Criminal Law Bulletin. Additionally, he has three articles soon to be published: “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Experts Testimony” in Criminal Justice, “The N.C. Crime Lab Scandal,” in Criminal Justice, and “Confrontation, Experts, And Rule 703” in the Journal of Law & Policy.

Giannelli also has signed contracts for four books: one with Oxford University Press on scientific evidence and criminal justice, one for the fifth edition of Scientific Evidence, one for the fourth edition of Understanding Evidence and another for the eighth edition of Evidence: Cases and Materials.