Law’s Maureen Kenny gives talks on human trafficking

Maureen KennyMaureen Kenny, professor of lawyering skills, has recently given many presentations in the Cleveland area on human trafficking.

She gave the following talks:

  • “Legal Developments in Sex Trafficking Laws,” NEO Human Trafficking Symposium, Cleveland, August 2015;
  • “Representing the Minor and Adult Sex-Trafficking Survivor,” the Renee Jones Human Trafficking Symposium, Cleveland, Jan. 15;
  • “Recognizing the Signs of Human Trafficking,” Ritz Carlton Republican National Convention Training, Cleveland, Jan. 21, (co-presented with Karen Walsh, director of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking; Brian Vigneaux, senior investigator for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office; and Teresa Stafford, senior director of victim services and outreach at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center);
  • “Not for Sale: Panel Discussion on Sex Trafficking in the United States,” Flora Mather Stone Center for Women, Feb. 24, (with co-panelist Jesse Bach);
  • “Introduction to Human Trafficking: Federal and State Laws and Statistics,” Human Trafficking Law Symposium at the School of Law, March 11;
  • “Legal Focus on Demand vs. Trafficking Victims, Human Trafficking Law Symposium, March 11;
  • “Careers for Women in the Law,” WISER undergraduate group, April 7;
  • “Representing Victims of Crime,” School of Law, April 11, (with co-presenters Renee Jones and Kathleen Hackett); and
  • “The Realities of Victims of Crime,” Renee Jones Empowerment Center, April 16, (with co-presenters Renee Jones and Kathleen Hackett).