Two police officers behind crime scene tape
Two multi-ethnic police officers standing in front of patrol cars, behind police tape, wearing bulletproof vests and duty belts. The policewoman is a mature African-American woman in her 40s. Her partner is a mid adult man in his 30s. It is nighttime and the emergency lights on top of the vehicles are flashing. The focus is on the cordon tape in the foreground.

Law’s Lewis Katz discusses the convening of a grand jury in a fatal shooting case

Grand jury convened in fatal shooting by off-duty police officer, police chief says

cleveland.comLewis Katz, the John C. Hutchins Professor Emeritus of Law, discussed the convening of a grand jury to hear evidence in the case of an off-duty Cleveland police officer who fatally shot a man on a busy street—after Katz raised the issue and caught the attention of Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.