Law’s Juscelino Colares presents, publishes on climate change

Juscelino ColaresJuscelino F. Colares, professor of law and associate director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center, will present “Pleading Patterns and the Role of Litigation as a Driver of Federal Climate Change Legislation,” 54.4 Jurimetrics, with Kosta Ristovski. Their paper will be honored as one of the three best submissions at the upcoming Southeastern Association of Law Schools annual meeting luncheon on Aug. 2. The peer-reviewed article will be published later in 2014.

Colares also published “The Dynamics and Global Implications of Subglobal Carbon-Restricting Regimes in Georgetown International Environmental Law Review in winter 2013. It’s available for download.

In addition, Colares recently gave several presentations.

He presented “The WTO-Incompatibility of U.S. Law on Natural Gas Exports: Can the Trade Regime Help Mitigate Climate Change?” at the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law Spring Luncheon, hosted by Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands on May 9. He also presented the talk at the Greater Cleveland International Lawyers’ Group luncheon presentation at Cleveland City Club on April 14.

At the Northeast Ohio Faculty Colloquium on April 18, Colares gave the talk “Realigning U.S. Law on Natural Gas Exports with U.S. Advocacy Under WTO Law: How Coherent Policy Could Lead to Environmental Benefits.”

Colares also gave a presentation titled, “Climate Change-Related Litigation: Signal or Noise?” presentation at the fifth annual Arizona State University Legal Scholars Conference on March 15.

Colares served as a panelist on “Shale Gas, Climate Change and Ohio’s Economic Opportunity,” a discussion sponsored by the Energy & Enterprise Initiative and Center for Business Law and Regulation at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law on March 11.