Law’s Juscelino Colares publishes multiple articles, presents around the country

Juscelino ColaresJuscelino F. Colares, professor of law, presented “Climate Change-Related Litigation: Signal or Noise?” at the  University of Tennessee’s College of Law Sept. 20 and “The Limits of WTO Adjudication: Is Compliance the Problem? A 2013 Update,” at the University of Arizona on Sept. 26.

He also gave the keynote address, titled “The Supply-Side Case for Global Carbon Pricing Reform,” at the Peace of Utrecht Conference on International Law and Climate Change, hosted by Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands on Oct. 10.

In addition, Colares published numerous articles, including “The Dynamics and Global Implications of Subglobal Carbon-Restricting Regimes” (Georgetown International Environmental Law Review), “The Emerging Supply-Side Case for Global Carbon Restrictions” (U.C. Davis Journal of International Law & Policy), and “Paths to Carbon Stabilization: How Foreign Carbon-Restricting Reforms will Affect U.S. Industry, Climate Policy and the Prospects of a Binding Emission Reduction Treaty” (Journal of World Trade). He also published a book chapter, “The Extraterritorial Impact of the EU and Australian Carbon-Restricting Reforms” in Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation: International and Comparative Perspectives.