Picture of Jonathan Adler

Law’s Jonathan Adler publishes three new articles

Picture of Jonathan AdlerJonathan Adler, the Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law, has had many recent publications, including:

  • “Of Kings to Come: The Future of Health Care Reform Still Remains in Federal Court,” Journal of Employee Rights and Employment Policy (2016) (symposium, solicited)
  • “Rights Before Government” (review of R. Barnett, Our Republican Constitution), National Review, Aug. 15; and
  • “Is the Clean Air Act Unconstitutional? Coercion, Cooperative Federalism and Conditional Spending after NFIB v. Sebelius” (with Nathaniel Stewart) was accepted for publication in the Ecology Law Quarterly.

In addition, Adler presented with Jonathan Entin, the David L. Brennan Professor Emeritus of Law, to preview the upcoming Supreme Court term at a Public Affairs lunch sponsored by the Center for Policy Studies at Case Western Reserve University.