Law’s Jonathan Adler presents around the U.S., publishes papers and op-eds

Jonathan AdlerJonathan Adler, the Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law, recently published a variety of articles and presented on a number of topics around Northeast Ohio and the United States.

His article, “Wetlands, Property Rights, and the Due Process Deficit in Environmental Law,” was published in Cato Supreme Court Review 2011-12. In addition, he has authored numerous op-eds/essays, including “The IRS has Gone Rogue” and “One Good Term Deserves Another” in National Review Online and “How Not to Label Biotech Foods” in the summer 2012 issue of The New Atlantis.

Adler’s presentations at Case Western Reserve so far this semester have included a Public Affairs Discussion Group talk with law professor Jonathan Entin previewing the upcoming Supreme Court term and moderation of a panel on “The President’s Power to Implement International Law after Medellin v. Texas,” at the Cox Center’s 2012 War Crimes Symposium on “Presidential Power, Foreign Affairs & the 2012 Election.”

Throughout September, Adler delivered a lecture on “The Problems with Precaution: A Principle without Principle” at the University of Maine at Machias; the Constitution Day Lecture at Youngstown State University on “Making Sense of the Supreme Court”; a talk on “Free Market Principles for Environmental Reform” at a conference on “Conservative Visions of Our Environmental Future” at Duke University; and a lecture on “The Next Legal Challenge to the ACA” before the Federalist Society student chapter at Duke Law School.

He also presented his paper, titled “Wetlands, Property Rights, and the Due Process Deficit in Environmental Law” at the Cato Institute Symposium, “The Supreme Court: Past and Prologue—a Look at the October 2011 and 2012 Terms,” which was broadcast on C-SPAN. Finally, he most recently presented his paper, “Judicial Minimalism, the Mandate, and Mr. Roberts,” at the conference on “The Health Care Case: The Supreme Court’s Decision and Its Implications” at Columbia Law School.  The papers from this conference will be published in a volume edited by Nate Persily, Gillian Metzger and Trevor Morrison for Oxford University Press.