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Law’s Jessie Hill discusses U.S. senators questioning constitutional rights with the possible reversal of Roe v Wade looming

Loud and proud: Republicans take aim at whole constellation of privacy rights

Photo of Case Western Reserve University School of Law Professor Jessie Hill

Talking Points Memo:  Jessie Hill, the Judge Ben C. Green Professor of Law, said many U.S. senators aren’t waiting for the fall of Roe v. Wade to question other rights, many of which flow from a similar understanding of the privacy and personal autonomy the Constitution grants. “What’s shocking about it is that it’s a direct attack on the idea of substantive due process and the whole constellation of privacy rights,” she said. “No one made an attempt at pretense, that abortion is different or that same-sex marriage is less traditional—it reveals the extent to which this was a full-frontal attack on all of those concepts.”