Law’s Jaime Bouvier publishes, presents around the world


Jaime Bouvier, assistant director of the academic and writing support program at the School of Law, recently published works and gave presentations around the world.

Her article, “The Symbolic Garden: An Intersection of the Food Movement and the First Amendment” will be published in the Maine Law Review in May.

In addition, her work, titled “Urban Micro-Livestock Ordinances: Regulating Backyard Animal Husbandry Hobbyists,” appears in the April issue of Zoning Practice.

Last fall, Bouvier presented “Urban Agriculture and Municipal Law” at the Ohio State Master Gardener Conference in Warren, Ohio.

Earlier this year, she presented “The Symbolic Garden, Urban Homesteading as Protected Expression” at a food law colloquium sponsored by the Maine Law Review. The event—titled Local Food/Global Food: Do We Have What It Takes To Reinvent the US Food System?—took place in Portland, Maine, on Feb. 23.

From July 22 to 24, Bouvier will be at the Applied Legal Storytelling Conference at City University in London. She will present “Schemas, Motivated Reasoning and Confirmation Bias: How the Stories We Tell Ourselves Affect Our Ability to Learn.”