American policeman and police car in the background
NEW YORK, USA - 01 MAY, 2020: Police officers performing his duties on the streets of Manhattan.

Law’s Ayesha Bell Hardaway says that systemic reform will prove significant to be a significant factor in taking police brutality seriously

Derek Chauvin’s sentence isn’t enough to say cops will now be held accountable, criminal justice experts say

Business InsiderAyesha Bell Hardaway, assistant professor of law and co-director of the Social Justice Institute, said that only systemic reform can prove that America has turned the corner when it comes to taking police brutality seriously. “Derek Chauvin will spend a significant portion of his life behind bars … so that seems to be appropriate,” Bell Hardaway said. “I’m hesitant, as some may be inclined to, to think that it means anything significant about police reform in this country.”