Photo of Anat Alon-Beck

Law’s Anat Alon-Beck writes pieces published by Forbes

Anat Alon-Beck, assistant professor of law at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law, recently penned two opinion articles published by Forbes.

In her article, “The Ongoing Saga of Musk’s Twitter Gamble,” Alon-Beck summarized the events leading up to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, and speculated about changes the corporation may face in the future. 

Read Alon-Beck’s article about Musk.

In an op-ed for Forbes titled “We are all ‘stakeholderists’ now: Looks like the debate over the purpose of corporations might be settled,” Alon-Beck discussed the long-running and ongoing debate between corporate law scholars on the theory of the firm and the purpose of the corporation.

“One thing is clear though: There is a paradigm shift in thinking about the purpose of corporate law, talent management and corporate culture,” Beck concluded as she discussed a recent surge in activism, with an embedded social purpose and value creation. 

Read the piece about corporations.