Photo of New York Supreme Court building
The New York Supreme Court in New York City, USA at twilight.

Law’s Anat Alon-Beck and John Livingstone talks about Supreme Court case Slack vs. Pirani

Supreme Court case could turn public offerings upside-down
Investopedia: Anat Alon-Beck, assistant professor of law, and John Livingstone, research fellow at the School of Law, said the outcome of Supreme Court case Slack vs. Pirani could launch a new era of “direct listing” offerings or all but kill them off. “You would think that the record-keeping would be better and you would be able to trace much more easily,” Livingstone said. “But the shares are changing hands so rapidly and going through so many shares and are on such a fractional basis, that it’s nearly impossible to trace literally hundreds of millions of shares, down to fractional levels, dispersed over tens of thousands of clients.”