Law school’s Sharona Hoffman publishes second edition of her book, Aging with a Plan

Sharona Hoffman, the Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law and co-director of the Law-Medicine Center, recently published the second edition of her book Aging With a Plan: How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow by First Hill Books.

The book is a concise and comprehensive resource for people who are middle-aged and beyond and are facing the prospects of their own aging and of caring for elderly relatives―an often overwhelming task for which little in life prepares us. Using an interdisciplinary approach and many personal anecdotes, Hoffman develops recommendations for building sustainable social, legal, medical, and financial support systems for aging and caregiving.

Through the book, Hoffman:

  • Combines thorough research with personal anecdotes and practical advice;
  • Offers one-stop shopping for anyone in need of guidance without a lot of time for independent research;
  • Answers questions such as:
    • What legal documents should you be sure to have?
    • What expenses should you anticipate in retirement and how do you save for them?
    • What do you need to know about medical care as you or your loved ones grow older?
    • How should you approach conversations about the sensitive topic of safe driving with elderly loved ones?
    • What options exist for end-of-life care, and how do you make sure that your wishes will be followed? 
  • Provides a preparedness checklist at the end of each chapter that summarizes take-away messages and outlines practical next steps.

For more information, find the book on Amazon.