Law school’s 2011 Jessup Team receives award for best applicant brief in the world

The applicant brief by the School of Law’s 2011 Jessup Team received the 2011 Richard Baxter Award for Best Applicant Memorial.

CWRU had already received an award in March for the fifth-best combined briefs of the teams competing in the International Rounds. A separate panel of judges subsequently evaluated the briefs for the prestigious Baxter Award.

As the winner of the Baxter Award, the CWRU applicant brief will be published in the ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law.

The 2011 CWRU Jessup Team was composed of Cameron MacLeod, Tyler Talbert, Elizabeth Sparks and Jory Hoffman and coached by CWRU alumna Margaux Day.

For more information, visit the International Law Students Association website.