Law professor to lecture on “The Revolution in Neuroscience and its Revolutionary Social Consequences”

Stanford Law School’s Hank Greely will be on campus March 7 for his lecture, “The Revolution in Neuroscience and its Revolutionary Social Consequences.”

During his free, public talk, Greely will discuss how we are in the middle of a revolution in our understanding of how the human brain works.

This deeper understanding will inevitably change many aspects of our social world. If things go well, we may develop better treatments for Parkinson’s disease, depression, and autism, but we may also develop better “treatments” for disliked habits, sexual orientations, political views, religious beliefs or just personalities. When and how should those be used? What are the responsibilities of neuroscientists in the middle of all of this?

Those are topics Greely will tackle during the March 7 lecture, to be held from 4 to 6 p.m. in School of Medicine Room E501. A reception will follow in T501.

The event is hosted by Richard Zigmond and co-sponsored by the Departments of Neurosciences and Bioethics.