Law professor Ruqaiijah Yearby publishes, presents on health care access and reform

Ruqaiijah Yearby, law professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law and associate director of the Law-Medicine Center, recently published a number of articles and presented on various topics around the country.

Her article, titled “Breaking The Cycle Of ‘Unequal Treatment’: Using Health Care Reform To Address Racial Disparities In Health Care,” will be published in the Connecticut Law Review and was excerpted in Dolign & Shephard, Bioethics and the Law.

In addition, she wrote a chapter, titled “Racial Disparities in Health Status and Accessing Health Care,” that was published in the book Sage Debates in Health Care.

Yearby also was invited to share her work at a number of events.

On Jan. 4, she was the invited speaker at the Association of American Law Schools event in New Orleans, where she presented Breaking the Cycle of ‘Unequal Treatment’ Care after the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Health Care Reform: Acknowledging and Addressing the Continuation of Racial Bias.

Last fall, she also was invited to speak at the University of Maryland, where she presented “Racing mtDNA: Confusing Geography with Race.”

Yearby is slotted to present “Increasing Access to Health Care after the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Health Care Reform” April 19 at Northeastern University School of Law.