Law professor Jonathan Adler publishes, presents on environmental issues, interstate competition

School of Law Professor Jonathan Adler recently had three scholarly articles published: “Labeling the Little Things” in The Nanotechnology Challenge, “Interstate Competition and Race to the Top” in Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy and “Eyes on a Climate Prize: Rewarding Energy Innovation to Achieve Climate Stablization,” which actually was selected to be republished in the 2012 Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review. It first appeared in the Harvard Environmental Law Review.

He also spoke on environmental issues in three presentations. First, on Oct. 27, he presented “What’s Not Cool about Global Warming Regulation” before the Federalist Society student chapter at Nova Southeastern School of Law in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. On Nov. 15, he spoke on “Conservation without Regulation: Property Rights, Markets and Environmental Protection” before the Federalist Society student chapter at Capital University Law School in Columbus. Then, he took part in a panel discussion on climate change and geo-engineering with Case Western Reserve University’s Sustainability Alliance.