Aerial photo of the Case Western Reserve University campus, especially Case Quad and Adelbert Hall, in fall

Kristina Collins and Case Amateur Radio Club featured in National Institutes of Standards and Technology article

Kristina Collins and the Case Amateur Radio Club W8EDU have been participating for several years in NSF-funded research that measures the ionosphere. Using signals from the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) radio station WWV, connected directly to the nation’s atomic clocks in Boulder, Colorado, the work involves directing a network of amateur and professional scientists worldwide in collecting data and uploading it to a central database.

This article from NIST’s Michael Lombardi provides a summary of the work from NIST’s perspective with a broad acknowledgement of CARC’s and HamSCI: The Amateur Radio Science-Citizen Initiative’s work.

For more information, email the or visit the club’s website.