Kelly Services shares reminders for departments with students working over the summer

As the end of spring semester approaches, departments across the university may have students who must transition from student employment to Kelly Services to continue working with the university.

Kelly Services would like departments to keep the following in mind:

  • Contact Kelly Services with your request three to four weeks prior to the student employment end date.
  • Employees new to Kelly Services must complete a full application.
  • International students must have valid U.S. work authorization.
  • A new background check must be run on all employees, including those who have worked through Kelly Services previously. This process can take up to two weeks, and employees are not permitted to begin work until the background check is complete.

Kelly Services has applicants that could fill positions for departments that are in need of summer help but do not have an employee in mind.

Contact Kelly Services at 216.368.4506. The on-site office is in Crawford Hall, Room 304.