Photo illustration showing people from different races and genders

Join the Diversity 360 facilitators team

Looking to support the Case Western Reserve University campus community and help make us even more inclusive? Want to connect with entering students during their first week on campus? Consider joining the team of facilitators for Diversity 360, the campus-wide diversity and inclusion training workshop.

This year’s incoming class looks to be larger than usual and more sessions of Diversity 360 will be needed. Each session is expected to have two co-facilitators who work closely to welcome entering students to our inclusive community. More facilitators are needed to support this need.

Although Diversity 360 comes from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, it is a community effort. From the very first session in August 2015, colleagues across campus have ensured that this program is possible for all students.

Get more information and let the Diversity 360 team know you’re interested.