Join a new product management-focused student organization

Are you curious about shaping innovative products, solving real-world problems and driving business growth? Consider joining The Product Management Club (The PM Club).
The PM Club is a dynamic community that welcomes students from all backgrounds who share an interest in product management. Whether you’re a computer science major, a design enthusiast, a business student, or anything in between, this club is your gateway to the exciting world of product management.

The organization’s goals are to focus on:

  1. Collaboration: Connect with like-minded peers, exchange ideas, and develop essential skills and knowledge. Product management is a team sport, and we believe in learning from each other.
  2. Learning opportunities: Attend workshops, guest speaker sessions and case study discussions. Dive into topics like product strategy, user research, roadmapping and more. Members will explore both theory and practical aspects.
  3. Networking: Meet industry professionals, alumni and recruiters. Club events will be a great platform to expand your network and learn from seasoned product managers.

Upcoming events will include an introductory meetup, product management basics workshop and fireside chats.

To get involved join the organization’s CampusGroups to stay updated on events and discussions.

In honor of The PM Club’s launch, the organization is offering a giveaway. Students are invited to fill out the giveaway form for a chance to receive a month of complimentary access to Exponent, an all-encompassing tech interview prep platform designed to help students excel in interviews for product management roles and more.