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Information Security Office warns community about phishing attempt

The Information Security Office would like the Case Western Reserve University community to be aware of a scam phone call several people have received recently.

This phishing attempt is targeted at Chinese speakers and appears to be a recorded message. It tries to persuade recipients to give up their personal information. The message is delivered in Chinese, and is primarily received at CWRU “368” exchange numbers. It may be suggested that the message comes on behalf of the Chinese government or that the targets may become in trouble with the Chinese government if they do not respond.

Individuals should not respond to this phone call with any information in any way, whether verbally or via the keypad. Doing so can lead to compromised security, theft and a higher chance of being targeted for similar incidents in the future. Those who receive the call should simply hang up, then mark the calling number as spam and/or block it.

Get more information about how to handle phishing attempts.

If you responded and think you might be a victim, contact CWRU police immediately at 216.368.3333. For any other questions, please contact the University Technology Service Desk at help@case.edu or 216.368.HELP (4357), or visit help.case.edu.