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Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence continues Conversations on JUSTICE series with discussion on climate change

The Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University has confirmed the next event in this year’s Conversations on JUSTICE series as the discussion now turns to the ethical dimensions of climate change. 

David Suzuki, 2012 Inamori Ethics Prize winner and a legendary environmental activist, Hans Cole, director of campaigns and advocacy for Patagonia Inc., and local environmental leaders will have a discussion on the topic of Climate JUSTICE, which will be live-streamed Friday, Feb. 26 from 12:45 to 2 p.m. EST. Members of the community can tune in on the Case Western Reserve University channel.

“It is urgent that we talk about climate in terms of justice and ethical obligations. What do we owe other species, or the environment itself? Who will be hit the hardest by the impacts of climate change?” said Shannon E. French, the Inamori Professor in Ethics and director of the Inamori Center. “While wealthier nations do the most environmental damage, poorer nations and those with less of a voice in the international community suffer the most. On a more local scale, the most vulnerable populations, already disadvantaged by social inequities, are at greatest risk yet their concerns are not given the most attention.”

The Conversations on JUSTICE series was introduced following the postponement of the 2020 Inamori Ethics Prize to Judge Silvia Alejandra Fernández de Gurmendi until the fall of 2021. These events are presented live and free to the public and are taped for future viewing. Last October, Judge Fernández was joined by previous Inamori Prize winners LeVar Burton (2019), Farouk El-Baz (2018) and Marian Wright Edelman (2017) for a discussion on justice and civil and human rights.

The Conversations on JUSTICE with Inamori Ethics Prize winners event series was selected as a CWRU NorthStar experience by the Office of the Provost. Students who participate in at least two of the events are eligible to receive a certificate of recognition and may also enter a contest with prizes from the Inamori Center by submitting a creative response. More information is available on the Inamori Center’s Conversations on JUSTICE website.

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