Improve your Spanish skills this summer

Students are invited to sign up for Elementary Spanish II or Spanish for Health Professionals this summer. Elena Fernandez, a full-time lecturer of Spanish, will teach these courses.

SPAN (Spanish) 102: Elementary Spanish II

Section 800 / Class Nbr 1725 / Summer – 4 Week 1
Summer 2023

Mon Wed Fri : 12:00 PM-2:55 PM
6/5/2023 – 7/3/2023
Web/Distance Learning

This is a course for students who have a solid foundation in the language and who wish to advance their grammar. This is a course open to students who have mastered the topics outlined in SPAN 101, or equivalent. 

SPAN (Spanish) 313: Spanish for Health Professionals

Section 800 / Class  1782 / Summer – 3 Weeks.
Summer 2023

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1:00 PM-3:30 PM
5/15/2023 – 6/2/2023
Web/Distance Learning

Designed for students who are majoring in, or considering a major in, a health-related field. Focus on the vocabulary and expressions needed for the workplace, task-based practical skills, and grammatical structures.

Prerequisite. Span 202 or equivalent

For more information contact: M. Elena Fernandez