Numerous benefits are associated with having a primary care provider (PCP). Not only do regular visits with a PCP encourage preventive exam compliance, such as colonoscopy and mammograms, but they also lead to increased rates of necessary immunizations.

The CWRU Wellness Program encourages faculty and staff to designate a primary care provider and attest to having a primary care visit in 2020 with the new PCP attestation form available in the wellness tile in HCM. Most physicians are seeing patients in person for annual checkups now. But those who are concerned about a live visit can use a telehealth visit with their PCP to fulfill the requirement.

Because of restrictions during the pandemic, the wellness team adjusted and added the PCP attestation as an option for one of the annual fall wellness activities. Those interested in becoming a wellness participant and receiving the $25 monthly incentive in 2021 will need to select a Benelect health plan and complete the Health Risk Appraisal from WebMD.

Participants then have the choice of completing two of the following three activities:

  • PCP attestation;
  • Tobacco attestation; and/or
  • Biometric screening at a Quest facility (or with a physician results form).

“There are still three fall activities,” shared Wellness Manager Mary Ann Dobbins. “Participants simply have an extra choice this year. And we wanted to make that additional option meaningful. The designation of a primary care provider is a proven way to help people take better care of themselves.”

Faculty and staff are encouraged tp learn more about the wellness monthly incentives on the wellness website.