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IMPACT solutions to offer several webinars in the next few months

Faculty and staff members at Case Western Reserve University are encouraged to take advantage of several upcoming webinars hosted through IMPACT Solutions, the university’s employee assistance provider. These webinars, offered virtually via Zoom, will cover topics such as time management, mental health and conflict resolution.

Sign up for one or more of the sessions listed below.

“Interpersonal Relationships for Leaders”

Tuesday, March 28, at 12:30 p.m.

Group dynamics impact productivity and employee satisfaction, so it’s important for managers to cultivate positive relationships among coworkers and effectively manage teams. This workshop covers establishing your identity and authority within a group, addressing conflict and making work fun. 

Full of practical tips and useful strategies, this workshop is a great reference for first-time managers and for more experienced managers who may need to address a specific issue with their team. Topics addressed include building initial rapport, signaling fairness and integrity, communicating proactively, facilitating efficient meetings, and using your authority effectively.

“Breaking the Anger Habit”

Wednesday, April 19, at 11 a.m.

For many, anger is their go-to feeling. Whatever life throws their way, they respond with anger. In this training, participants will learn strategies to increase emotional range and overcome habitual anger.

“Conflict Resolution: How to Get to the Other Side”

Wednesday, April 26, at noon.

Conflict is more common than we want to believe. Therefore, we could all benefit from learning more about the conflict resolution process. In this session we will learn how to navigate conflict and learn from it. We will learn about causes of conflict, learn about negotiation, discuss productive conflict, examine individual and team conflict resolution skills and strategies, and explore ways to turn workplace conflict into productive conflict.

“Stop Wasting Time! Essentials for Time Management”

Tuesday, May 2, at 11 a.m.

How much time do you spend on activities that eat up time and don’t help you reach your goals? Whether at work, home or other day-to-day activities, learning to manage time can be a challenging task. 

If you have a desire to improve your skills, you are more than halfway to your goal. Participants will learn proven strategies to improve their time management skills. Several tools will be provided to promote immediate management and success.

“Preventing and Managing Burnout”

Tuesday, May 9, at noon.

Burnout is a condition that many people experience, especially in the helping and service professions. It is very common but can be hard to identify or see coming. This session will define burnout and help you to identify the signs and symptoms associated. Most importantly we will discuss strategies for preventing and coping with burnout, including stress management and self-care. 

It can be difficult to remain an effective employee when affected by burnout, so learning how to prevent and manage can be very beneficial to employees and employers.

“Cultural Competence in Mental Health”

Wednesday, May 17, at noon (two hours)

In this session, we will address ways in which we are different, how we can be more understanding, find ways to bridge differences and explore new ways to respect and engage people who we see as different from us. 

We will define diversity, bias and privilege, and explore the use of multicultural guidelines and culturally sensitive assessment and diagnosis. Finally we will discuss concrete strategies for developing cultural competence.