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IMPACT Solutions offers webinar to help families build a plan for funding college

When it comes to paying for college, every dollar counts and families need a simple process to follow. Case Western Reserve University’s employee assistance program through IMPACT Solutions will present an online seminar to help families build their funding plan. In the webinar, titled “Funding College: 5 Steps Every Family Can Use to Build a Successful Plan,” college expert Dan Bisig will share the most popular funding options available so parents are equipped to have the “money talk” with their college-bound children.

The webinar is available on demand in September.

  1. To access the seminar:
  2. Go to the IMPACT Solutions website.
  3. Click on the orange “Go to member login box”.
  4. Enter the Username. Those who don’t remember the username can call 1.800.227.6007.
  5. Click the “Sign in” box.
  6. Click on the blue “Webinar” box.
  7. Under “September Webinar,” select either “No Completion Certificate” to view anonymously or “Completion Certificate” if you want proof of having viewed the webinar.