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IMPACT Solutions offers 24/7 mental health chatbot

When challenges arise in our life that are difficult to deal with, it is comforting to have someone to talk to.

Case Western Reserve University is offering Tess, a 24/7 mental health chatbot that coaches people through tough times by providing on-demand emotional support to help manage stress, stay balanced and be resilient. 

Tess is available to CWRU faculty and staff through IMPACT Solutions, the university’s employee assistance program. Just like conversations with a health care professional, Tess is secure and confidential; no one from CWRU will ever access your information.

Trained by psychologists, Tess uses self-learning artificial intelligence. The more you chat with Tess, the more she will be able to help. Tess will offer strategies, exercises and feedback to help users become more resilient and work through life’s issues. 

After beginning a chat with Tess, she will check on you periodically to see how you’re doing. You can tell Tess to stop reaching out to you by texting her “stop” at any time.

To get started, simply text “Hi” to Tess at +1.415.360.0023. When asked for your start code, enter CWRUEAP.

Faculty and staff also can contact the IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance Program at 800.227.6007 for more information.