Photo of students walking in front of the Start sculpture in North Residential Village with snow surrounding them

How to prepare for winter break if you live on campus

With finals week upon us at Case Western Reserve University, students can look forward to the end of the semester and the beginning of winter break. But, for those living in university housing, there still may be a few loose ends to tie up before the university closes at the end of the regular day, Thursday, Dec. 22. 

The Daily touched base with Billie Vichosky, assistant director of the Office of Residence Life, to gather helpful reminders for those living in residence halls, apartments, or other housing options around campus.

Whether you’ll be on or off campus during the upcoming break, here are four tips Vichosky suggests to prepare.  

1. Plan ahead.

If you need winter break housing, you’ll want to make plans ahead of time for proper accommodations. If you’re a first-year, second-year or Greek resident, you must apply (and pay) to stay over break. To stay as a resident in upperclass housing, you must register and be returning in the spring semester.

2. Prepare your space.

If you’re traveling from campus, be sure to leave your dorm (or other university housing space) in good shape by completing the required steps on the checklist you received from your resident assistant (RA). This includes:

  • Removing all trash and perishables;
  • Turning off alarms on alarm clocks;
  • Securing your bike either in your room or the bike storage room;
  • Unplugging and cleaning out refrigerators; 
  • Closing and securely locking all windows, blinds and doors; and,
  • Turning off all room lights. 

3. Don’t forget food. 

During winter break, dining halls and most on-campus retail locations will be closed or operating on reduced schedules. If staying on campus, you can purchase a meal plan through Plum Market, available from Thursday, Dec. 22, through Sunday, Jan. 15. 

4. Update your mailing address.

Mail received over winter break automatically will be held at Wade or Fribley Commons. If you’re moving off campus or leaving CWRU, your mail will be forwarded. To update your address online, visit the United States Postal Service’s website.


For questions about the residence hall closing process, reach out to your RA, assistant residential community director, or the residential community director. Or, you can contact the Office of University Housing via email at for further questions. 

You can also view adjusted area office hours for winter break by visiting the Office of University Housing website.