Hoverboards banned on campus

Due to recent news reports of hoverboard self-balancing scooters catching fire, the decision has been made to add these items to the prohibited items list under the university student conduct fire safety policy.

University administrators ask that any student who owns a hoverboard (or differently named similar item) please not bring it onto campus. This ban applies to the interior of all buildings as well as any outside university property.

If and when the fire safety issue is sufficiently eliminated in these products, the university will revisit this policy change.

Administrators apologize for not seeking community input on this change. However, with the possibility of many students receiving this item over the holidays, with the intent to bring it back in the spring, it was necessary to make a decision quickly.

Contact the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards (studentconduct@case.edu or 216.368.3170) or the Office of Environmental Health and Safety with questions questions.

The university joins a growing number of institutions that have recently banned hoverboards due to safety concerns.