Exterior of the Linsalata Alumni Center

Homecoming awards ceremony

The homecoming awards ceremony will be held Friday, Oct. 9, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. EDT. This annual event will be virtual and The Alumni Association invites all alumni, parents, students and guests to tune in.

During the ceremony, The Alumni Association will recognize the 2020 award recipients:

  • Newton D. Baker Distinguished Service Award—Norma Geller (SAS ‘91)
  • Daniel T. Clancy Alumni Service Award—Ka-Pi Hoh (CIT ‘84, GRS ‘87, 89, macromolecular science)
  • Young Alumni Award—K. Grace Bell (CWR ‘10)
  • Professional Achievement Award—Richard H. Thaler (ADL ‘67, HON ‘03)
  • Distinguished Alumni Award—Donald E. Knuth (CIT ‘60, GRS ‘60, mathematics, HON ‘80)

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