Students throw colored powder at each other during Holi celebration

Holi Celebration Giveaway for Students

All Case Western Reserve University students are invited to celebrate Holi with a free giveaway.

Holi is known as the “festival of colors” and celebrates the arrival of spring after a long winter. It also is a time for building relationships through play and laughter. Although primarily celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi is observed in many other countries throughout Southeast Asia and around the world. The festival is celebrated by throwing colored powders and water at others.

As the ongoing impacts of the pandemic have prevented the Center for International Affairs from hosting its traditional, in-person event, this year’s celebration combines Holi traditions with opportunities for students to prioritize their mental health.

Students can pick up a free Holi Celebration Package Friday, March 26, or Monday, March 29, at multiple locations on campus. The packages include:

  • Rangoli design coloring pages;
  • Box of crayons;
  • Candy that is popular in Holi celebrations; and
  • Information about Holi and how coloring is an effective mindfulness practice to support mental health.

The Holi Celebration Packages will be available Friday, March 26, and Monday, March 29, at the following locations:

  • Tomlinson Hall lobby
  • Nord Hall fifth Floor
  • Tinkham Veale University Center’s Sparta Center
  • Carlton Commons lower dining room
  • Leutner Commons dining room

The packages will be laid out on tables in each location and students can just stop by and pick one up.

Students who are learning remotely this semester can participate in the celebration from home. The Center for International Affairs has included coloring pages and information about Holi and mindful coloring on its website.

The center would like to thank University Health and Counseling Services for its help preparing the mindfulness information for this year’s celebration and to Bon Appétit Management Co., the Case School of Engineering and the Office of Student Activities and Leadership for providing multiple locations for students to take advantage of the giveaway.

Learn more about Holi.