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History’s Peter Shulman comments on the DPA and the extent of its usage

Days after ventilator DPA order, White House has done little to push GM

Politico: Peter Shulman, associate professor of history, commented on the Trump administration’s so-far refusal to use the full power of a law that allows the federal government to coordinate industrial production across entire sectors and up and down a supply chain: “Whoever is making the decisions doesn’t want to use the DPA to the extent of its actual authority,” said Shulman. “They should be mobilizing whole sectors of the economy. This is baffling to me.” Fully using the law would allow a single federal agency to serve as a central hub for the coronavirus industrial response, avoiding the confusion and competition between states and hospitals that has characterized the coronavirus crisis. Shulman said: “[It] is available to completely avoid the dysfunction we’re seeing right now.”