Graphic illustration of a downtown skyline.

History professor John Grabowski discusses the meaning of “heights” in many Ohio city names

Cuyahoga County keeps its feet on the ground while reaching for the ‘Heights.’ OH Really?

Head Shot of John Grabowski

WCPN, Ideastream: John Grabowski, the Krieger-Mueller Joint Professor in History, noted that there are 59 cities, villages, and townships in Cuyahoga County, and one-third of them share a common theme: They have “Heights” in their name. “We’ll look at two communities that helped start this off: Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights,” Grabowski said. “They are literally on the heights on what is known as the Portage Escarpment which drifts off the old Appalachian Mountains, and it’s kind of the last edge of the east, if you will.”