New research aimed at reducing the number of sexual assaults—by changing how law enforcement investigates and prosecutes offenders—was made possible by a fellowship from Kelvin Smith Library’s Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship,

This project and two others—both in the humanities at Case Western Reserve and also made possible by the same fellowship—will be highlighted at the upcoming Freedman Fellows ShowCASE at the Freedman Center at the Kelvin Smith Library at noon, March 29.

“Among our goals is changing the way we talk about rape, treat victims, and support them,” said Rachel Lovell, a senior research associate with the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

As a Freedman Fellow, Lovell mapped more than 500 sexual assaults in Cleveland, going back 20 years, using the Freedman Center’s ArcGIS visual mapping software. Her research team explored spatial relationships between attackers, victims and the surrounding environment.

At the event, Lovell and Misty Luminais—also a senior research associate at the Begun Center—will share how digital scholarship creates solutions across academic disciplines to “build understanding, future collaborations and better progress,” according to the Freedman Center’s website.

The Freedman Fellows ShowCASE event will also feature:

  • Denna Iammarino, lecturer in the Department of English, who is preserving and transcribing John Derricke’s “The Image of Irelande, with a Discoverie of Woodkarne,” a 16th-century literary gem. By creating the first-ever digital edition of the text, Ianmmarino built digital learning tools around its content;
  • Timothy Beal, Florence Harkness Professor of Religion and chair of the Department of Religious Studies, who is studying changing ways that biblical translations are consumed in a post-print media environment

More information is available on the event page, or by email, or calling 216-368-0932.

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