Help engineering students fund their educational YouTube channel Beauty and the Bolt

Beauty and the Bolt, an educational YouTube channel founded and run by CWRU students Xyla Foxlin and Andrew Dupuis, is selling T-shirts and Sweatshirts as a fundraiser so they can keep making videos that teach kids and young adults to engineer and make.

The fundraiser is available at

Support Beauty and the Bolt
We are a weekly YouTube series dedicated to teaching young people of all genders the basics of making, engineering, and more. We want to empower anyone to take the first steps towards making a difference through science and technology. Join us as we teach everything from the basics of the woodshop to building Virtual Reality applications – all in a way that anyone can jump right into and understand.

Beauty and the Bolt’s goal is to share engineering and the maker movement in a way that makes sense and is engaging to parts of the population that aren’t currently being reached out to. Who said an engineer has to look a certain way? Act a certain way? Dress a certain way? By framing the channel around Belle, one of the most subtly badass princesses, our goal is to subliminally tell people that femininity and engineering are not mutually exclusive.
Women and minorities are vastly underrepresented in the STEM workforce. Beauty and the Bolt aims to make learning engineering easy, cheap, and accessible for anyone – especially teens and young adults – while also encouraging creativity and individuality.

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