Hear from “Real Life Lorax” on her research into forest canopies April 28

Margaret Lowman on bridge over forest canopiesThe Department of Biology and Holden Arboretum will host a public seminar with biologist and ecologist Margaret Lowman Thursday, April 28, at 4:15 p.m. in DeGrace Hall, Room 312.

Lowman, nicknamed “Canopy Meg,” will talk about her groundbreaking research using climbing gear and hot-air-balloons to study the diversity of tropical forest treetops. Her talk is titled “Out on a Limb – Exploration of Global Forest Canopies”

Her expertise involves canopy ecology, canopy plant-insect relationships and constructing canopy walkways. She is currently director of global initiatives, the Lindsay Chair of Botany and senior scientist in plant conservation at the California Academy of Sciences.

Dubbed the “Real Life Lorax” by National Geographic and “Einstein of the Treetops” by the Wall Street Journal, Lowman pioneered the science of canopy ecology.